Air-supply Rescuelator ®

The DIFFERENCE between Life ans Death


Due to the deficiency of 02 in their environment thousands of recreational divers, firemen and other specialist groups around the world are completely dependent on an artificially delivered supply of air (02).


In the event of equipment failure a third party (buddy) is unable to assist without depriving himself of 02 (unless equipped with a back up air supply). In the event the victim stops breathing artificial resuscitation (mouth to mouth) is impossible due to the environment e.g. under water or in a smoke filled room. This combination of circumstances is responsible for countless situations where help cannot be given until it is too late. The sooner artificial respiration can be initiated the greater the victim's chances of survival.


A new invention has made it possible to design an air supply with the capacity to function as a small, self contained respirator/resuscitator. There are countless situations in which this invention could prove the difference between life and death. En the following descriptions (Problems 1 and 2) we will outline two of the difficulties a diver/ fireman is faced with in an emergency and how the Rescuelator can help him overcome them.


PROBLEM 1      A fireman or diver faced with a non breathing victim is forced to rely on mouth to mouth resuscitation. This has been further complicated in recent years by the necessity of protection against infection, for example the AIDS virus. This already difficult procedure becomes even more difficult under certain conditions, such as wave action on the surface. In some situations, such as a smoke filled room or underwater, it is impossible. In practice this causes the initiation of mouth to mouth resuscitation to be delayed, often with fatal results.

To share an air source with a third party in an 02 poor environment is often extremely difficult. Underwater, a panicking diver will not generally return a regulator, so putting the donor in danger, and due to its design, a fireman's mask is, unsuitable for sharing air with a victim.


To solve these problems we designed the Rescuelator® (patent pending), a compact, standby air supply connected to the diver /fireman's air source. Its primary function is to act as a reserve air supply for use by a third party in an emergency. c, Its secondary function is what makes the Rescuelator® unique. lt is the first small, safe and easy to use resuscitator, using compressed air to supply 02 to a non breathing victim which can be used in any environment (even underwater). By placing the Rescuelator® in the mouth of a non breathing victim and pushing the respirator button, air is delivered to the victim's lungs at a pressure of 2 KPa (medically recommended pressure for resuscitation). The air supply stops automatically when the victim's lungs are full. As double fail safe precaution there is also a safety valve that opens should the pressure exceed 4 KPa. When the button is released the elasticity of the victim's chest causes him to exhale. The whole process is then repeated. If the victim begins to breath again the Rescualator® automatically converts itself to a normal air source. The whole process is so simple that the rescuer's attention can be given to other aspects of the rescue.


The use of the Rescuelator in described situations would have the following advantages.

ADVANTAGES problem 1 The rescuer is not forced to rely on mouth so reducing danger to the rescuer by allowing him to retain his own breathing equipment
• No risk of infection (Aids/hepatitis)
• Survival chances of victim are much improved and there is less chance of brain damage * Resuscitation is not physically demanding and does not require an above average level of fitness. Simple to learn and use Always on standby No danger of hyperventilation Resuscitation of victim can be started immediately the need arises irrespective of the environment * Easy to use while transporting the victim. Carry, driving, swimming, ascent to surface

• Can be initiated under water
• Less chance of inhaling water or gas
• Respiration achieved with 21% 02 instead of 17% 02 with mouth to mouth resuscitation
• No carbon dioxide intake
• Victim can cough

ADVANTAGES problem 2

The necessity of having a reserve air supply was recognised by the diving industry several years ago. The major instructional organizations SSI and PADI already consider it a compulsory part of the diving equipment. Although not so developed this trend is now being followed by many fire brigades around the world. *The Rescuelator fulfils this function with the same ease and comfort as a standard reserve air source, allowing the donor to help the victim to a safe environment while supplying him with clean, breathable air.


 The Rescuelato is the only product on the market with this unique combination  a reserve air supply and a compact, safe, easy to use resuscitator.  This device will enable divers/firemen to respond immediately and effectively in an emergency while at the same time ensuring their own safety.  This alone makes the Rescuelator more than worth its low  Purchase price.

1. inspect mouth                  2. chin lift                           3. place rescuelator


4 a. diving situation: inflate / exhale / inflate ........           4 b. fire situation: inflate / exhale / inflate .........


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